Call Forwarding ?
Not Just Basic Technology Anymore

By Debra K. Traverso

Copyright 2007 by Debra Traverso, OneCall
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You didn’t get into real estate so you could work like a dog. In fact, you probably made the decision because you wanted to build a profitable and predictable business that enables you to enjoy a life of your own. Mobile Manager helps you on both counts, making your work and your life a lot more like the one in your dreams.

Almost everyone knows what "call forwarding" is. You simply forward a phone number from one phone to another. It's basic technology that has been around for years.

And, just as all technologies mature and improve through the years, so has call forwarding.

Mobile Manager by OneCall takes call forwarding to a whole new dimension by packaging it with more popular features than practically any other service ? features that make Mobile Manager the most sought-after unified messaging service in the real estate industry.

Here's just a sampling of what you get for only $18.95 a month (with no hidden fees, no fine print, no long-term contract):

  • While standard telephone services allow you to forward to one phone line, you can forward Mobile Manager to ring at three simultaneously. You will never miss a call again, unless you choose to.
  • Because you can also receive faxes on your Mobile Manager number, you can forward the fax (and hence the call) to a fax machine of your choice. (You can even view the faxes online and skip the fax machine altogether.) What's more, the faxes will remain confidential and are easier for you to access.
  • Because you have just one number and can forward it to any phone, almost anywhere in the world, you only have to advertise one phone number on your business cards. Why is that important? Listing several numbers does not say, "Look how easy it is to reach me." Instead, it says, "Look how hard you have to work to find me." Most customers won't work that hard.
  • You can cut down on your cell phone plan and minutes. Because all urgent calls come directly to the phone where you have forwarded your number, there's no need for you to call your voicemail from your cell phone. You can wait until you get to a landline.
  • Maintain your privacy. Besides forwarding your number from/to any phone (and you can program it online too), you can call into your number from any phone and make outbound calls. This means you can make long distance calls, using any phone, and pay only 5 cents per minute. And, it means that when you call someone, the recipient sees your Caller ID as your Mobile Manager number; not the number of the phone you're calling from!
  • If you have any type of routine built into your day, you can pre-program your number to forward automatically. For example, let's say you leave home at 8 a.m. and get to the office by 8:30 . Then at 3:00 p.m. each day, you leave to get the kids from school. Rather than forwarding your calls each time you move around, you can go into your courtesy online account and tell Mobile Manager to ring at your home phone until 8 a.m., then to ring on your cell phone until 8:30, then on your office phone from 8:30 on. At the same time, you can program Mobile Manager to switch to your cell phone at 3 p.m. , and to remain there until you get home at 3:45 , at which time it would switch to your home phone.
  • Mobile Manager is packaged with these other features too: ·
    • Caller ID
    • ·
    • Call screening
    • ·
    • Conference calling
    • ·
    • Fax upload
    • ·
    • Inter- and intra-office messaging
    • ·
    • Streamlined calling - From inside your Mobile Manager, return calls with the push of two buttons, forward call, or return calls even when the caller forgot to leave a number!

But wait! ? Mobile Manager offers even more. Just visit to learn how Mobile Manager can make you as mobile and efficient as you wish to be. Or call us at 1-877317-2796 to speak with a someone live.

Copyright 2007 by Debra Traverso, OneCall
All rights reserved in all media.

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