Market to Your Listener's Memory

By Debra K. Traverso

Copyright 2011 by Debra Traverso, OneCall
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Marketing to memory is easier than you might think!

All it takes is the formula below to make three important points in two sentences.

Of course, you start by sharing your name!  That doesn’t count in our formula because, hopefully, you’re handing over your business card as you deliver your name anyway!  (And, btw, clean up that business card with these tips:


Point one: Tell prospects what your service is.

Point two: Tell them how they will benefit from it.

Point three: Tell them how it differs from others.

Here’s an example:
“I’m Catherine Strong, a real estate agent. People use my service when they want to purchase commercial properties in the Portland area.  Unlike other commercial agents, I concentrate on helping clients get started in investment properties that combine business and residential units.”

Notice that the formula produces short, complete, and specific commercials—short because listeners have short attention spans, complete because listeners may not take the time to ask questions for clarification, and specific because generalities are too vague and listeners won’t think them through.

That’s it!  Now, be sure to check out the many options in this website for making your phone communication sizzle, and for making your small business sound like the huge conglomerate it will one day be! 

Copyright 2011 by Debra Traverso, OneCall
All rights reserved in all media.

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