Words and Phrases that Make Your
Business Sound Irresistible

By Debra K. Traverso

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Writing promotional material is easy when you're big and well-known, but what do you write if you're new and small?

Fear not: there are many dynamic words that will describe your company and its services — words which will still make you sound solid and worthy of serious consideration by potential clients.

For example, you may not be able to say that your product "has stood the test of time," but you may be able to describe it as "authentic," which elicits the same feeling of comfort in prospects.

If you offer a service, you may not be very "experienced", but no doubt you are "talented," "qualified" or "accomplished." And, rather than describing your business as "new," you might say you are "innovative" or "revolutionary."

Here are descriptive words and phrases that will take the spotlight off your perceived shortcomings and change your image from risky to capable.

  1. If you're new, you can't say your product or service "appeals to many" but you might say it is: satisfying, memorable, unforgettable, pleasing, perfect, inviting, one of a kind, unique.

  2. Instead of "older", try: genuine, the real thing, true, the original..., the one and only, actual, backed by...

  3. Just because your business isn't "big", doesn't mean your scope of services, line of products or commitment to customer service isn't big. Try these words to suggest size: sizable, huge, a feast of..., a gold mine of..., a host of..., a treasure trove of..., a wealth of..., boundless, substantial, voluminous, unlimited, a multitude of..., multiple. . .

  4. You may not have offices in every state which makes you less "convenient" than the competition, but there are other ways to describe your availability and commitment to service: right at your fingertips, fits your schedule, accessible, ready to go anywhere you are, we're flexible when it comes to..., whenever you want it, wherever you need it, It's there when you need it.

  5. If you can't say you're "better known", try: distinguished, respected, prestigious, premier, accomplished, notable, noteworthy, of high repute, outstanding, more and more... are discovering..., the......'s choice, commanding, recommended by more..., flourishing, chosen by..., in demand, the area's leading..., in vogue, word-of-mouth popularity, preferred by more..., endorsed by..., approved by..., bought by more...

  6. If you're new, you probably aren't very "experienced", so try: talented, qualified, accomplished, pioneers in..., mastery of..., talent for..., flair for..., skilled, well-versed in..., ingenious, imagination and talent, We have vision, We've got the right stuff, We're entrepreneurial in..., trained, capable, gifted, We're thoroughly familiar with..., competent, imaginative, ...is our strong suit, ...is our specialty.

  7. Rather than saying you're "new", try: , innovative, state-of-the-art, groundbreaking, trail blazing, bold, revolutionary, a fresh approach, latest technology, designed for today's ..., for tomorrow's needs, makes the ... obsolete, a revolution in ..., a novel approach, unprecedented.

  8. "Long-standing" and "time-tested" - as used by your competition - sounds very inviting; but so does: practical, reliable, reinforced, laboratory tested, carefully tested, research shows, dependable, stands up to..., durable, functional, faithful to..., valid, sound, trusted, top credentials, quality controlled, rigorous standards, stable, secure, firm, in good standing, the leader in, selective, competitive, discriminating, the Rolls-Royce of..., You'll be in on..., You'll join a select group of...

  9. If you don't have impressive numbers and percentages to prove your claims, then stick with adjectives that will describe the expected results: Makes the difference, You can count on..., prevents, reduces, raises, lowers, cuts down on, revitalizes, restores, maintains, provides, improves, never lets up, produces, delivers, cuts through.

  10. Be sure to include descriptive phrases in your marketing materials
    that will enhance your image, build your reputation, and set you apart from the competition: Out total commitment to..., We believe in..., We uncover..., We serve..., We uphold..., We honor..., We're dedicated, to..., We demand excellence..., Here are just a few of our clients: , You are the one who benefits, We offer the added advantage of..., Who you buy from can be just as important as what you buy and here's why..., We don't play games when it comes to..., ...our distinctive style of..., our dedication to..., Don't be taken in by..., Don't fall for..., Don't settle for second best because we offer..., Nobody can match our prices/service, Unlike other..., we..., pale imitations of..., No other ... comes close to..., We give you more ... than any other...       

Copyright 2011 by Debra Traverso, OneCall
All rights reserved in all media.


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