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What You Should Look For In An Online Fax Service

(And yes, we confess, Mobile Messenger provides all these features.)

Instant Fax Notification
Choose a fax service provider that offers instant fax notification options. These features can alert you of your incoming faxes at any time, via email, pager, or text messaging to your cell phone.

Forward Fax Ability
Sure you can view your faxes online, but can you forward them on to a printer, or to a colleague's email box? Many providers offer this option, but not all, so choose accordingly.

Lowest Per-Page Cost
Competing fax service providers want your business, and they offer packages of free fax service up front. However, once you've gone through your initial offering, your price per page can jump WAY up. Look over the rate plans before you sign up to make sure you're paying the lowest possible per page cost.

Ability To Receive Simultaneous Faxes
Don't lose faxes due to a busy signal. Choose a provider that offers “never busy” simultaneous service on incoming faxes.

Fax Security
Faxes often contain important and confidential information, such as social security numbers, signatures, and sales agreements. Certain online fax providers offer web management tools that let you funnel all incoming faxes directly into the hands of the intended recipient.

Oh and by the way….unlimited voicemail!

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