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How Mobile Messenger Works

The flexibility and simplicity to manage your voicemail and faxes from anywhere, anytime.

Receiving Faxes
Mobile Messenger acts like any fax machine for receiving faxes.

  • The person sending you a fax dials your Mobile Messenger local or toll-free number from their fax machine and sends the fax.

  • Once your Mobile Messenger has received a new fax, it will store the fax and send you an email notification of the new fax. The email notification can be sent to multiple email addresses, and it contains a link to the new fax.

Accessing Faxes
Once you receive notification of a new fax, you can access it in several ways:

  • You can click on the link provided within the notification email. This will open up a new browser window and display the fax as a PDF. You can then print or save the fax to your computer.

  • You can log into your personal website and view the fax as a PDF, TIFF or JPG or forward the fax to any email address or fax machine(s). You can also save the fax to your computer.

Sending a Fax
Mobile Messenger allows you to send any printable document from your Windows-based PC to any fax machine or your personal fax mailbox.

  • From your personal Mobile Messenger website, install the Fax Upload software.

  • From ANY printable document, use the Fax Upload software to send the document to any fax machine(s) and/or to your personal fax mailbox.

  • Using Mobile Messenger, add your signature and make annotations to any fax you send from your PC.

Supported Operating Systems (Mobile Messenger Upload Feature Only)

  • Windows 9x; 16-bit Version
  • Windows ME; 16-bit Version
  • Windows NT 4.0; 32-bit Version
  • Windows 2000 Professional; 32-bit Version
  • Windows XP Professional; 32-bit Version
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