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What is Mobile Manager from OneCall?

Mobile Manager is Unified Messaging

Mobile Manager is an extraordinarily powerful service that unifies your phones (landline, cell), fax and email communications, using a universal personal telephone number (choose local or toll-free), for only $18.95/month, with a no-risk month-by-month contract. No equipment to buy. Nothing to install.

  • Turbo charge the equipment you already have
  • Forward your number to any phone, anywhere, anytime
  • Listen to (and forward!) voice messages online if you like
  • Eliminate fax machine and fax line expenses
  • Perfect for offices of 1 or 100 (or more!)
  • Seamless communication for mobile professionals
  • View faxes and listen to voicemil more easily on your smart phone

Below, you will learn more about some of the more popular features that make Mobile Manager a leader in providing unified messaging:

  • One-Number Freedom (forward all calls to any phone, anywhere, anytime)
  • Find-Me-Follow-Me (akin to speed dial numbers with options added)
  • Voicemail (never lost or delayed, large storage, 4 ways to retrieve messages)  
  • Faxing (no need for separate fax line/machine)
  • Internet (listen to voicemail, send/receive faxes)
  • Pricing (beats competitive pricing, no charge for inbound calls)
  • No Commitment (month-to-month, money-back guarantee)

One Number Freedom

Each Mobile Manager number features a universal messaging service that lets users distribute one phone number to clients and colleagues – for home, business, cell, and fax and more – but allows those users to answer all calls on that one number using any phone, anywhere.

When you subscribe to Mobile Manager, you receive either a local or toll-free number (your choice) that you use as your only contact number. This number can move and grow with you. As you move from town to town, or as you grow your business to take on one or 100 colleagues, your Mobile Manager number will provide you with the flexibility you need to address a myriad of communication situations. 


Using pre-programmed extensions (think of them as speed dial numbers), you direct calls to your current location live. You have the choice of screening your calls or taking your calls directly. Numbers are pre-programmed for your most common location (home, office, cell) but any number can be programmed on-the-fly when you find yourself in a unique location, such as a hotel or client’s office. 

What’s more, you also use the same number as your fax number. Your callers simply drop a document in their fax machine, dial your number, touch start and walk away. You receive the fax in your account, as well as your email.

Screening calls:
You can screen calls in three different ways:

  1. Urgent screen: The caller is offered the opportunity to leave a message or touch 0 to speak to you live. If the caller touches 0, the call is forwarded to your location.  You can change locations (phones) almost in the blink of an eye.
  2. Voice Screen: When a caller dials your Mobile Manager, they are asked to state their name. You are called at your location and told the name of the caller. You then can choose to take the call live, forward the call to another number, or send the call to voicemail without the caller being aware that you just made that decision.
  3. VIP Screen: Sometimes when you are involved in a project and cannot be interrupted, you can use VIP screen to allow selected callers to reach you. Callers hear a greeting that sounds like voicemail: “I’m sorry I cannot take your call…”. To use this feature, you simply pre-set a two-digit code which you give only to those callers you wish to speak with. When the caller hears the greeting, they touch the two-digit code and the call is forwarded to your location. 

Changing Locations and Call Screening Options

Changing locations and call screening options is simple. You can program up to 95 separate extensions, each representing a location (or particular phone) and your choice of screening messages.

However, to get you started, we set up a number of extensions for you. Many clients find that these are all the extensions they need. The choice is yours; you can add more extensions at any time.

Extension 10 Urgent screen to your home
Extension 20  Direct call to your office
Extension 21 Urgent screen to your office
Extension 30 Direct call to your cell phone
Extension 31 Urgent screen to your cell phone
Extension 40  Direct call to any number you program on the fly
Extension 50 Urgent screen to any number you program on the fly
Extension 70 Voicemail (and not available to take a call)

You can also have Mobile Manager try you at one phone, then another, and even a third number. You can program SimRing, a service you request to be added at no extra charge, to have three phones ring simultaneously. 

Since your home phone, office phone and cell phone numbers are all pre-programmed you just have to select how, and where you wish to receive a call live.

We provide you with a plastic wallet card for easy reference. You’ll memorize them in a flash.


Your Mobile Manager comes with a robust, interactive voicemail service. Your Mobile Manager voicemail holds up to 85 minutes of messages for 90 days. We recommend that you use Mobile Manager as your only contact number, so that you only need to check one voicemail.

We also recommend that all important voice messages be saved permanently or long-term to your own computer as needed. Voicemail is saved as a .WAV file.

You can retrieve voicemail messages in several ways:

  • Call your Mobile Manager and listen to voicemail in a conventional manner.
  • Open your e-mail and click on the link provided in your e-mail to notify you of an incoming voice message. You can listen to the message on your computer wherever you pick up your e-mail using your system’s audio player.
  • Log into your Mobile Manager account online; you can select which voice messages you wish to listen to and in which order.
  • All voice messages can be forwarded to:
    • Another Mobile Manager number, such as a team member
    • Any e-mail address, sent as a .WAV attachment. The recipient listens to the message using any player installed on their computer (RealPlayer, QuickTime, etc.)  


Your Mobile Manager number includes faxing. Mobile Manager fax holds 256 faxes for 90 days.  Faxes in your fax account can be forwarded to any fax number, e-mail address, or other Mobile Manager number. We recommend that all important faxes be saved to your own computer or flash drive.  Faxes can be saved as either TIFF, JPEG or PDF.

You can access your faxes in several ways:

  1. If you don’t have access to the Internet, call your Mobile Manager from any phone, and direct any fax to any fax machine your wish. (Example: A cell phone directing an important fax to Kinko’s for example).
  2. Open your e-mail and click on the link provided (in your e-mail) to notify you of an incoming fax. You can view the fax as a PDF file, save it, print or it out and/or delete it.
  3. Log into your Mobile Manager account online. You can select which fax you wish to view and in which order. You can view faxes as TIFF, JPEG or PDF files. 
  4. All faxes can be forwarded to:
    1. Another Mobile Manager, such as a team member
    2. Any e-mail address, sent either as a link or an attachment.


Mobile Manager allows you to unify the Internet with your voicemail and faxes, all using just one number.  For example, you can:

  • Pick up voice messages in emails or in your online account
  • Receive faxes and view them when you have access to Internet or your e-mail
  • Forward faxes and voicemail messages via phone or email to anyone
  • View a record of your calls and faxes in your online account.
  • View, print and/or forward faxes to any email or any fax machine
  • Fax to yourself any document you now wish to keep.
  • Create marketing messages in your voicemail and forward them by e-mail to anyone.
  • Save voicemail, faxes and e-mails on your computer, just as you save any transaction record -- Voicemail as a .WAV file, faxes as TIFF, JPEG or PDF files, and e-mail as a text file. Download everything to a ZIP drive for mobility at meetings. 


Mobile Manager pricing is extremely competitive (only $18.95 per month), with no charge for in-bound calls. When you comparison shop, we encourage you to read the fine details of both features and charges for other services. We're confidant you will find Mobile Manager to be the most powerful, versatile, and economical unified communication service available.

Don’t Miss These Features:

  • Sure the service is a tax-deductible business expense, but that's no reason friends and family can't enjoy the ease of accessing you too. Now they'll never be confused about what number to dial.
  • Did your ready-to-buy prospect forget to leave a callback number? No problem! Mobile Manager already recorded the number. From within your number, simply press 9* and return the call.
  • Return long-distance calls from within your number for only 5 cents per minute!
  • Enjoy inter- and intra-company messaging.
  • Need an 800 number? You can get a Smart800 number and point it to the local number we give you. Or, have your Mobile Manager configured as an 800 number alone.

No Commitment

  • Your Mobile Manager is a month-to month service. There are never any contracts to sign. We are so confident you will love this service, we even offer a money-back guarantee!
  • Signing up for Mobile Manager is easy. If you're tempted to sign up, but wonder how satisfied other users are, see Customer Stories
  •  If you choose to cancel within the first thirty days, we will fully refund your $18.95!

To Order

To order, click on Mobile Manager, and complete the form. You will get your number back within 30 minutes.  You'll be assigned a number, and given lots of help to get you started. Don’t worry about ongoing support either. Customer Service is open 7 days a week. You are just an 800 number call away from any questions you might have.

Still Undecided?

Make a Fortune 500 Impression
Take a look at how your customers will benefit from Mobile Manager. They will:

  • only have to remember one number (they'll thank you!).
  • no longer get aggravated wondering which phone number to dial at which time of day.
  • not have to interrupt you with a live call if they only want to leave a message.
  • no longer know where they are reaching you (make a deal from Myrtle Beach if you like, with the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature).
  • be sent to voice mail, without being the wiser, if you choose not to take their calls live.
  • be able to send you faxes that you can view and print from your own computer.

It's a Marketing Tool Too
Research from the National Association of REALTORS® says that if new clients (75% of buyers and 69% of sellers) can’t reach you the first time, they will immediately move on to the next agent. And, given the buying public’s demand for attention, it’s safe to assume this is also the case in every service industry. Mobile Manager will find you wherever you are so you don’t miss those important calls.

And what do clients hear? No matter where you forward your number, they will hear the same thing: a choice—delivered in your voice—of reaching you live, or leaving a voice message if they're in a hurry. Either way, clients will be impressed with the options you have given them.

For a flavor of what Mobile Manager can do for you, see our compilation of Best Practices -- tips and good advice, courtesy of happy clients.




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