January 31, 2011

Quick Tips!

10-second productivity boosters 
  • Do prospects forget to leave their phone numbers?  Simply touch 9* from within Mobile Manager to return their call. (Or, touch 9*1 to merely retrieve the number.) No more lost leads!
  • When leaving a group mail or broadcast message, and you want someone to get back to you, simply tell them to touch 62 to reply. The response you are looking for will come back to only you, and it will save your colleague from having to make a call to reply to you.


  • Stop worrying about the cost of long-distance service. When you call from inside Mobile Manager, you enjoy built-in domestic long-distance calling at only 5¢ a minute! Simply touch 9 from the main menu and dial away.
  •  NAR research says that 93% of buyers consider “responsiveness” a very important quality for an agent to possess – second only, in fact, to “knowledge of purchase process.”  So, when you’re talking with a prospect, be sure to emphasize how accessible and responsive you are thanks to your Mobile Manager.

Our Clients Think Creatively  

Mobile Manager “Saved the Day” during REALTOR Donna Sachs’ vacation

Our customers always impress us with the ingenious ways they use their Mobile Manager.  Donna Sachs with the Keller Williams Office, Beverly, MA, shared with us: "Mobile Manager saved the day in a very unusual, nonwork-related way while I was vacationing in Puerto Vallerta.  Being able to fax to my Mobile Manager, then retrieve that fax anywhere, saved me!" 
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Are Your Business Cards
Doing All They Can? 

Best tips for putting your future in the palm of someone’s hand 
Make no bones about it—business cards are more than a formality.  An effective card (emphasis on the word effective) is arguably the best marketing tool you can use in building a business.  But marketing progression has taught recipients to look for certain cues in your card . . .
Read more. . . (https://makejustonecall.com/a_businesscards.html

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