February 28, 2011

Quick Tips!

Just the Messenger?
Received some bad news you need to share with a client? Remain “just the messenger” by forwarding the original message to them.  Here’s how: From inside your account, on computer: (1) Listen to the voicemail you wish to forward; (2) Enter email address (you can send a voicemail to up to 10 email addresses each separated by a semi colon); (3) Click 'Continue'; (4) Complete the cover sheet; (5) Click “Send.”   

Forgot an Associate’s Number?
No need to call or run back to the office. Here’s what to do: (1) From inside your Mobile Manager number, press 9; (2) Press 6 to dial by name; (3) Wait for the prompt, then dial the person's last name followed by first name (at least 7 letters); (4) You may be given a choice of names; if so, select the appropriate name; (5) If your associate is using the Find-Me-Follow-Me option, you will be able to use this service to reach your party.

Call Histories Can Come in Handy

You may view your Call History through the Web site, for specific months and years. Call History details every call made to and from your Mobile Manager. To view: (1) Click the Personal Info tab; (2) Select either the Billing Info (invoices) or Call History button; (3) Select the timeframe of the invoice or call history you wish to view. 

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Wise Words
“Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else's.
- Joe Bob Briggs, syndicated writer
     We love the convenience of our own cell phone, but we hate the lack of quality, professionalism, and message delivery options that everyone else’s cell phone provides. We especially hate trusting someone’s cell phone with our important business.
      Your customers, too, only love their own cell phones. Using your cell phone as your end-all-and-be-all communication device may suggest to some that you are small and unprofessional.  Instead, it should be the tool you use only when you’re mobile.
     Fortunately, Mobile Manager marries the opportunities for landline reliability with mobile freedom.  The result?  No more limitations on quality, reliability, cell battery life, and limited-to-nonexistent faxing options.
     Here’s a refresher, more or less, on gaining control of cell phone use–More (capabilities), Less (minutes):  http://www.makejustonecall.net/step4_control.html 


Wise Decisions

Office Manager Sets the Protocal

      If you know Katharine Pickering at Coldwell Banker, you know her to be vibrant, organized, successful.  She is the sole manager of the greater Beverly regional office.
She is also a loyal customer and fan of Mobile Manager (MM).   She told us recently that her office is so skilled in the use of MM because she is “persistent in proselytizing it with my own agents.” 
      She started mastering Mobile Manager “because I was managing multiple offices.”   There’s nothing better to link offices together, she says.  What’s more, her offices were “able to chase me down no matter where I was.”   And, when she would call other offices that did not use Mobile Manager, “it was like talking in the Dark Ages.”  So, she quickly insisted everyone in her office use MM.  She doesn’t even let the office receptionist hand out cell phone numbers.  https://makejustonecall.com/a_wise.html 


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