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There's A Reason
It's Called
   "Mobile" Manager

If you don’t feel 100% relaxed in conducting your work and communication while mobile, then you probably are not using one or some of the many powerful features that Mobile Manager offers.  We encourage you to brush up your skills, at your convenience, by visiting our user-friendly training site:

Or, if you prefer to view your training, look at the top of our .Net site and click on our Webinars. 


Quick Tips!

10-second productivity boosters

Speed Dial:  Use the  Speed Dial feature when placing calls through Mobile Manager. It saves you time on dialing or remembering the numbers you frequently call. Here’s how:

Love your routine?  Mobile Manager’s Weekly Schedule can be used to activate specific extensions at predetermined times and days of the week. Here’s how:

Find-Me-Follow-Me:  You are already set up to use the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature. Thus, you already have several extensions identify locations where calls can be directed.  Forget what they are?  Check your handy plastic card (came with the service), or find them here:  

10 Ways to Save Time with Mobile Manager

Time – You can’t get it back,
so use it wisely.  

Did you know that IBM  research has found that businesses that have implemented unified messaging technology spend 53 percent less time managing all their messages?   Following are just a few ways to gain more time using the unified messaging capabilities of Mobile Manager. Learn how you can accomplish each of the ten here:

  • 1. Distribute one number to everyone.

    2. Check just one voicemail.

    3. Stop "retrieving" faxes; instead, let them come to you!

    4. Quit searching for callback numbers.

    5. Streamline your calling.

    6. Eliminate needless conversations.

    7. Make it easy for agents to do things for you.

    8. Squelch the desire to needlessly repeat conversations.

    9. Quit boomeranging by getting everyone together with always-on conference calling.

    10. Set up group numbers.

    Bonus Tip!  Save and file purposefully. Create transaction files and save everything to a flash drive, including all correspondence -- emails, voicemail messages, and faxes.


  •    Beware of

    As a real estate professional, you are vulnerable to a lawsuit in each transaction.  Why? Because more and more agents are being taken to court. Sure, a lawsuit may seem ridiculous, but the result to your business, reputation and wallet are not ridiculous. 
    Take the California case of a tenant who sued his landlord and the landlord’s real estate agent following a lease transaction.  The tenant alleged that the agent had a duty to disclose all facts materially affecting the value of desirability of the property. The agent says the tenant left him a voice message saying he was satisfied with the disclosure provided. Too bad the agent didn’t keep a copy of the voice message on computer for long-term storage.
    If there is no proof of something you said or did, then clients can claim that you misled them, didn’t tell them or even lied to them. Does this mean you need to put everything in writing? Yes, where possible; however, Mobile Manager also provides the option of keeping verbal messages too, which you then can download to computer storage.  In other words, a paper trail is a good thing, but a digital paper trail is even better, to cover all bases.  To set up a transaction file, go to