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You can't expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools, and expect to be in business tomorrow. 

Besides, why would you want to anyway, when - with Mobile Manager's help - you can have an office like that above?

Or, like this one:

Or, this one:  

Handing out your cell number is risky, intrusive, and unprofessional.  It's yesterday's tool.  Instead, save your cell number  for friends and family, and distribute your Mobile Manager for business.  All calls can come to your cell phone if you wish.  Now that's meeting the challenges of today!

New iPhone App for Use with Mobile Manager!

View Faxes and Listen to Voicemail
More Easily on Your iPhone / iPad


We are pleased to announce our new iPhone / iPad App from AccessLine:  "AccessLine Mobile."

AccessLine Mobile is the ideal companion to your AccessLine Number (aka Mobile Manager).  
The App gives you instant access to your voicemail messages and faxes.  PLUS, it lets you quickly change your active extension from any iPhone or iPad.
What's more, we are introducing a new feature called Location-Based Forward (LBF), which allows you to automatically send calls to different extensions depending on where you are.  You don’t have to do a thing!  When you arrive at the office, your calls automatically forward to your office phone.  When you leave the office, calls can automatically forward to your cell phone.  We use the GPS capability of your iPhone to tell the AccessLine network where you are.  Simply use the map feature (included) to pinpoint or “tag” your locations and then tell the system which extension to activate when you are at that location! 
The AccessLine Mobile App lets you: 

  • Receive instant notification of new voicemail messages
  • Receive instant notification of new faxes
  • View the number of new voicemail messages
  • View a list of all voicemail messages
  • Listen to voicemail with the touch of a button
  • Call back the person who left you a voicemail message
  • Forward voicemail messages
  • View faxes right on your iPhone/iPad
  • View the number of new faxes
  • View a list of all received faxes
  • Forward faxes to email addresses or fax machines
  • Receive instant “Screen Pop” of incoming calls and regardless of your current call forwarding, take the call on your iPhone
  •  current call forwarding, take the call on your iPhone
  • Change your active Extension
  • Automatically forward calls based on your location

To download your FREE AccessLine Mobile App, go to: