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Do you spend countless hours and dollars on marketing,
then unwittingly sabotage it when the calls come in?

Mobile Manager is your office on the go.  Save your cell phone number for personal calls; give your prospects the power of Mobile Manager.

Here's how: Keep your cell phone number for family and friends, and for clients who already have that number.  Publish your new number from OneCall.  Calls over time will gravitate to your Mobile Manager separating your personal life from your business life. 

Quick Tips to Mastering
Mobile Manager

Check out this month's quick tips.  We've selected them from a lengthy list of our clients' favorite tips and shortcuts.  You'll find the whole list by using the link below.
  • Save time/dialing— Make multiple outbound calls from within your Mobile Manager.  Simply touch 9 and dial the number (Always a 10-digit dial).  No hanging up and no redialing necessary.  The caller ID on your recipients phone will be your Mobile Manager number, protecting the privacy of your home number.
  • Eliminate your dependence on a fax machine too— Need to receive a fax, but can’t get to a machine?  Just use the Mobile Manager fax option to print the fax from your computer.
  • Fax any important documents— even copies of passports and traveler's checks when you travel — to your Mobile Manager so that you can always have back-ups available."
  • Receive calls anywhere, anytime, with or without the help of cell phone- Use Mobile Manager’s Find-Me-Follow-Me feature which allows you to forward your number to your home or office or cell, or whatever phone you are near, making it as simple as possible for your buyer or seller to reach you.
  • Remember Your Cell Phone is a Device:  It can receive/send out BOTH your personal cell phone number AND your Mobile Manager number.   Look at how powerful Mobile Manager is! 

Mobile Manager Flow Chart
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