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Make your communications much more professional using Mobile Manager:
- Use Mobile Manager as your only contact number.  (We can port your cell phone number to become your Mobile Manager number if you wish.) 
- Record a greeting announcing your name, company, and caller options to talk with you.
Use the Find-Me-Follow-Me option to forward your number to wherever you are, using any phone.
Decide where/if to take calls live. (You can screen calls without callers knowing, and you can give callers the choice to leave a message or speak to you directly.)
Use the same number for faxes. (All faxes come to the same number. You view, print and/or forward faxes to any email or any fax machine.)
Train yourself to take advantage of each Mobile Manager feature – for example, you can save voicemail, faxes and emails on your computer, just as you save any transaction record. Then download everything to a ZIP drive for mobility at meetings, closings, etc.  


After all that work......
Why Hand Your Good First Impression to Your Competition?

 Here's a startling fact emerging from surveys of customer behavior toward real estate agents: Callers responding to your work, your ads, and your listings don’t leave messages...instead, they call your competitors.

What! After all that hard work?

Yes, they call someone else if they receive voicemail.  But, is immediately answering your cell phone the first time it rings always a good idea?

Actually, no.

You get one chance to make a good first impression, so why would you want to grab your cell phone and shout a breathless "hello" into the phone?  Instead, use Mobile Manager and let it announce you before you say hello.

 After all, the initial response that callers hear is the front-line greeting, advertisement and manifesto of the company.  It is the first – and often the most important – contact between the business and its clients, and, if done well, it imparts the company’s name and attitude. 

Keep it Professional
With cell phones, we tend to answer with a mere “hello” or our name, thereby losing the impressive, unruffled detachment that is a major part of professional protocol.  You should have a message announce you and your business just prior to the “hello.” (See more at left.)

What’s more, don’t answer your cell phone during a business meeting.  Besides being rude, your response might derail any business decisions and progress taking place. 

Finally, don’t rely on a cell number as the primary number for your business. You never see “real” businesses do that.  Keep your cell phone number as your personal number.

First Impressions Are Lasting
OneCall’s Mobile Manager provides a professional upfront greeting that your cell phone number can't provide.  Callers can then push 0 to reach you live (if you so choose), or merely hold on to leave a message. (Research shows that the majority of people familiar to you would prefer to leave a message in most situations.)  New clients, on the other hand, want to reach you.  Mobile Manager makes both sets of clients happy.