Mobile Manager Solves Cell Phone Problems

Yes, cell phones are convenient, and yes, we here at OneCall use them too. However, they have some serious drawbacks. Drawbacks that we’ve eliminated with Mobile Manager.

Cell phones are expensive and require long-term, hard-to-break contracts. They don’t work well, calls are dropped, signals fade in and out, and voice message options are extremely limited. What’s more, batteries need to be recharged, and the question of
whether cell phones pose a long-term health hazard has not been settled.

It’s the nature of the beast. They’re little radios, after all. Do you want to trust your communications, reputation and income to a little radio?

Of course not! But, instead of solving the problems, cell phone companies advertise around those problems, such as the popular “fewest dropped calls” claim. In other words, these cell phone companies are proud of the
fact that on a list of poor service providers, they’re the best of the worst. For a busy and serious agent, this is no solution at all.

Enter OneCall with its Mobile Manager package that works with your cell phone while it simultaneously streamlines the way you do business.

To understand what Mobile Manager can do, let’s compare how two agents, Kyra and Tanya, conduct business:

Kyra – Relies on a cell phone only

Tanya – Uses Mobile Manager with ANY phone

Uses cell phone only.

Lowered cell phone expenses by adding Mobile Manager.

Charges batteries each night. Loses potential calls.

Forwards Mobile Manager # to land line while cell recharges. Never misses a call.

Deals with poor reception.

Simply forwards calls to land line when cell phone reception is poor.

Experiences delayed messages.

Never happens.

Suffers dropped calls.

A thing of the past.

Dislikes the low capacity of only 20 two-minute messages, kept for 21 days.

Stores 85 minutes worth of messages kept for 60 days; each message’s length can be up to five minutes.

Is interrupted often by callers.

Callers have the option of simply leaving a message. Research says 54% would, if they had that option.

Buys a separate line for faxes.

Faxes can be received/forwarded on Mobile Manager #.

Must run home or to the office to view a fax.

Can access/print faxes using Internet and any computer, anywhere.

Is out of business if she loses or breaks her cell phone.

Business is never interrupted because all calls come to Mobile Manager # which she forwards to any phone.

Cannot message interactively with other agents.

Can send a broadcast message to the entire office (or multiple offices) by dialing one number.

Annoys clients because they never know which number on her business card to call.

Pleases clients because, with one number, they can call or fax her anywhere, anytime thanks to the Find-Me-Follow-Me option.

Wastes time explaining, to her team, details of important messages she receives.

Simply forwards those messages to her team, by email or phone.

Wishes she had proof of conversations to show clients, associates.

Prints out complete call histories for her files.

Frowns because business never seems to get any better.

Celebrates top sales award. Why? Because she gets the call the first time, every time, and taps into that desirable 65% of buyers and 69% of sellers who contract with the first agent with whom they make contact. (NAR statistics)

Wishes she could be this organized!

Can copy voice messages, faxes and all electronic files to  transaction files, sorted by street address.

Dreams of doing this!

Can forward voicemail to any e-mail.

Never knew this was possible!

Can listen to voicemail and view faxes in e-mail.






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