What to Do When Your Smart Phone
Isn't Very Smart

Even smart phones have limitations...
but why settle?

Smart Phone Only Mobile Manager with ALL Phones
You MUST publish your cell number to be useful in business. (Well, of course! What else would I do?) Publish ONLY your Mobile Manager number and keep your cell number for family and friends. (**See below for solution if you have already published your cell number.)
Have an iphone? Make sure you have it with you at all times, and make sure you have the most expensive calling plan. Every single call comes to this phone driving up costs. With the free iPhone app, walk into the office and all calls come to the office. Walk into your home, all calls come to your home. Location-based forwarding is just one of the features of this remarkable app!
According to AT&T 55% of callers just want to leave a message. Cell phones don’t give that option. The caller is given a choice to leave a message or touch 0 to speak with you. Your customer will love it!
You must shut off your cell phone when re-charging, according to industry advice. You may lose calls. Direct your Mobile Manager to any phone while cell recharges, and never miss a call.
Cell phones have poor reception, often in your own home. That could cost you business or keep you from working there. Forward calls to any land line when cell phone reception is poor. Distinctive ring on your home phone differentiates business from personal calls.
Cell phones are notorious for delayed messages. With Mobile Manager, this never happens.
Cell phone goes to voicemail after many annoying rings, and the greeting sounds like everyone else. Mobile Manager answers every time after just one ring. Your customers greatly appreciate this.
Cell phones have a low capacity of only 20 two-minute messages, kept for 21 days. Stores 85 minutes of messages kept for 90 days; each message length can be up to five minutes.
Cell phones regularly drop calls. This interrupts customer interaction and could cost you business. Eliminate dropped calls by forwarding to a land line.
On a CMA? What do you do with your cell phone? Each option (do nothing, turn it off, use vibrate, leave in car), affects both caller and/or client negatively. Forward Mobile Manager to a greeting that says you are with a client, and to please leave a message. Shows great respect for caller and client.
With just a cell phone you need to get a different service and number for faxes. Faxes can be received, sent and forwarded on Mobile Manager. One number for both!
Must run home or to the office to view a fax. Access/print faxes using Internet and any computer, anywhere.
You are out of business if you lose or break your cell phone. Business is never interrupted. All calls can be directed to any phone, anywhere, anytime.
Using a cell phone alone you cannot message interactively with other agents, or broadcast messages to your office. Send a broadcast message to the entire office (or multiple offices) by dialing one number.
Annoys clients because they never know which number on your business card to call. Pleases clients because, with one number, they can call or fax you with that one well-identified number.
With using cell only you waste time explaining details of voice messages, and miss important nuances. Simply forward voice messages to your team, or client by email or phone.
With cell phone you have no proof of conversations. Print out complete call histories for your files up to 2 years back.
If you continue to do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. Business never seems to get any better. Get the call the first time, every time (67% of buyers and 67% of sellers who contract with the first agent with whom they speak - NAR statistics)

** Too many people have your cell number? Simply port your number to us, and get a new cell phone number from your carrier. Now you have complete call control of an old familiar number and complete privacy of a cell phone number reserved for family and friends.

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