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SpiderFax Rates

SpiderFax is consistently lauded by consumer reports and reviewers for its performance, features and competitive pricing. But don't take their word on it. We encourage you to shop around, comparing the fine print of other faxing services. The difference is generally in the details (Examples: Check the terms OneCall's SpiderFax has NO term commitments and NO hidden or confusing page/pricing scale).

(Both Local & Toll-Free Plans)
(Both Local & Toll-Free Plans)
Mobile Manager
(Both Local & Toll-Free Plans)
Monthly Fee
$7.95 $9.95 $18.95
Set-Up Charge
$10.00 $10.00 $10.00
Included Fax Pages
  • First 100 pages FREE, then 7¢ per page*
 First 300 pages FREE, then 7 per page*

 Includes upload
 First 500 fax pages FREE, then 6¢ per page

  Includes Voicemail  

 Includes Find-Me-Follow-Me

 Includes Interactive Messaging

 Includes Broadcast Messaging

 Includes Control

* Included pages -- and additional fax pages -- are billed on a per-minute basis and based on the fact that roughly 90% of all fax pages take less than 60 seconds to transmit. Some graphic heavy pages may take longer than 60 seconds and would be billed as the per-minute rate.

  Rates include all local or toll-free charges and apply to calls originating from the continental United States.

  Calls originating from Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico into toll-free SpiderFaxes are charged at 22 per minute.

  As with all online faxing services, all faxes forwarded to fax machine within the U.S. are charged the above per-minute rates.

  Local numbers are not available in some markets. A payphone surcharge will be assessed, to customers with Toll-free numbers, for calls originating from pay telephones.

  Monthly and one-time fees are charged in advance.

  Calls are charged a 30-second minimum with 6-second increments thereafter. Local, state, and federal taxes are charged where applicable.

  Valid credit card required for service activation and monthly billing.

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