10 Ways to Save Time with Mobile Manager

By Debra K. Traverso

Copyright 2007 by Debra Traverso, OneCall
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You didn’t get into real estate so you could work like a dog. In fact, you probably made the decision because you wanted to build a profitable and predictable business that enables you to enjoy a life of your own. Mobile Manager helps you on both counts, making your work and your life a lot more like the one in your dreams.

What’s more, IBM research has found that businesses that have implemented unified messaging technology spend 53 percent less time managing all their messages.  Here are just a few ways to gain more time using the unified messaging capabilities of Mobile Manager:

  1. Distribute one number to everyoneRepeating multiple contact numbers can be tedious and tiresome, particularly for the people recording those numbers. Think how impressive it is to deliver one number and add, “You can call me and fax me on that one number, day or night, anytime, anywhere. The number will find me.”
  1. Check just one voice mailbox.  Everyone benefits when you use just one phone number, particularly you since you will have only one place to check for all voice messages.
  1. Stop “retrieving” faxes.  Instead, let them come to you! Use your Mobile Manager number for faxes too and you will never again have to: (1) own a fax machine, (2) go into the office to get the fax, (3) call a colleague to make sure the fax arrived, (4) hurry to collect a fax before the wrong individual sees it, (5) fret about a fax getting lost amidst other incoming faxes.
  1. Quit searching for callback numbers.  Someone left a message and you want to call them back? Unfortunately, they must think you’re a mind reader because they forgot to leave their number. Prior to Mobile Manager, the solution was to spend time looking for the number, unless you were on your cell phone. With Mobile Manager – on both cell and landline phones – you can return a call simply by touching 9*, because Mobile Manager records the incoming number.
  1. Streamline your calling. Phew – After the hour-long office meeting, you find that seven people have left messages. Previously, with both cell and landline, you would have to place separate calls to each person. With Mobile Manager, you can shortcut that routine. Simply call each party from inside your Mobile Manager with the touch of two buttons.
  1. Eliminate needless conversations. There’s a good reason REALTORS call one another after hours – they want to deliver information but not hold a discussion!  Now you can do that without looking like you are avoiding conversation.  If you’re calling a colleague who also has Mobile Manager, you will be given the option of touching 0 to reach your party live, or merely leaving a message if you choose.
  1. Make it easy for agents to do things for you. Another agent showed your seller’s home to a prospective buyer. You’d love to get feedback! But who wants to waste time tracking down the buyer’s agent?! Instead, secure that feedback in advance by making it easy for the agent to respond.  From inside Mobile Manager, touch 6 to create a message, enter the agent’s Mobile Manager number, follow the prompts and request feedback on the showing, reminding the agent to respond to your voicemail simply by touching 62.  
  1. Squelch your desire to needlessly repeat conversations.  Oops! The buyer’s agent in number 6 above said the buyers hated the green carpet and the purple chandelier. Why should you have to deliver the bad news?  Particularly when you know this information will lead to an uncomfortable and lengthy conversation? Instead, access your Mobile Manager via Internet and forward the agent’s voice message (in a .wav file) with an email. Result? Time saved and relationship remains intact.
  1. Quit boomeranging.  When you talked with “A” she wanted this, but “B” wanted that, and C disagreed with them both.  Stop the back-and-forth misunderstandings by getting everyone together – With Mobile Manager’s always-on conference calling feature, you can hold a quick-and-easy group conversation, then move on to other work. 
  1. Set up group numbers. You just discovered you can’t make your 11 a.m. team meeting and you’ve only got 15 seconds to let all six of them know.  Unfortunately, most of your team are mobile and on their way to the meeting. Fortunately, you previously had set up a group number. Now all you have to do is go inside your Mobile Manager, record your message and send it to your group.

Bonus Tip! - Save and file purposefully. You might have several overlapping manila and email folders. . .not to mention those voice messages you’ve saved in case you need to reference them at closing today.  Rather than packing an unsightly and heavy box with all your correspondence, create transaction files and save everything to a flash drive, including all correspondence — emails, voicemail messages, and faxes. To truly save time, save your correspondence as you receive them so that you are ready when closing day arrives!

Copyright 2007 by Debra Traverso, OneCall
All rights reserved in all media.

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