What is SmartOffice?
SmartOffice is a service that acts like an expensive phone system for a fraction of the cost.  Businesses of ALL sizes and ALL industries use it to streamline calls, to portray more professionalism, and to route calls more expeditiously.

You’ve probably experienced SmartOffice with a business you’ve called and didn’t even realize it.

SmartOffice answers your calls 24/7 and provides callers with customized options so their calls are directed to the right person, or department or information.

SmartOffice also connects mobile employees and connects offices, and is offered in prices that best meet the size and needs of your business.

Callers can be greeted with customized messages, and choose the associate or department of their choice. 

SmartOffice can receive general voicemail messages and can notify you of messages via any wireless device or email. 

After-Hours Answering Service 
Need a way to manage calls after hours? SmartOffice works for a fraction of the cost of a live answering service AND can actually connect a call rather than setting up a call back, if you wish. 

With SmartOffice, you avoid playing "phone tag" and connect to callers after hours, if you choose.  Automatically switch to after-hours mode based on time of day and day of week. 
Virtual Receptionist 
Don't have a receptionist?  Don't have an office!?  Do you want to present callers with a main business number that routes calls to the right people or information?

SmartOffice is your answer.

SmartOffice works as your virtual receptionist 24 hrs/day for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated person.

  • Greet callers with customized menu options. 
  • Route callers to the right person, department or information. 
  • Transfer calls to associate’s Mobile Manager, allowing them to take calls regardless of where they are.
  • Automatically play after-hours messages based on your business hours, and receive general voicemail messages.

Use your SmartOffice number as your fax number!  It receives and stores faxes so you can view them via the Web, or forward them to email or any fax machine.

Looking to Re-deploy Your Resources?
Sometimes it is necessary to close a marginally performing office.  You do not wish to lose the phone number, however, because it has been in the marketplace for years. You can use the main number from your closing office as your SmartOffice number.  

Calls routinely can be routed to the main line of your profitable office (16 calls simultaneously) using Receptionist routing.  Your customer will never know where the call is being answered.  On a scheduled basis, your SmartOffice automatically turns into an after-hours menu.

Consolidate and Connect Multiple Offices  
Looking to consolidate multiple branch offices with one phone number and one phone system? SmartOffice lets you do that and much more.

Provide callers one main phone number to reach any location. Callers will the be able to reach any of your associates at any location through one main number with an easy to use dial by first or last name menu.

Calls coming in to associates who use Mobile Manager can have those calls directed anywhere so they can receive the call live, even when away from the office.

Save money by providing a centralized receptionist who can complete calls to any associate regardless of location.

Make Your Business Look and Sound Larger  
Tired of your small business sounding like a small business to callers?  SmartOffice makes any business sound like a large enterprise.

Greet callers with automated menus of options providing information and call routing to specific people or information just like with large expensive phone systems.

Through your SmartOffice number, route calls to any associate’s Mobile Manager number allowing calls to be routed to their home, office or cellular.

They never miss an important call.

As a standalone virtual auto attendant, SmartOffice can dial out to as many as 250 numbers virtually anywhere in the world.  

Please contact us directly for specific details and programming.

OneCall handles both the set-up and any changes that are required.

$59.95 per month                                 Set-up $100.00

Long distance charges within the continental USA are $.05 per minute, 30-second minimum, billed in 6-second increments.

Local message unit charges may apply depending on your location. Please ask your OneCall account manager for details in your area.

International rates will be quoted on request.

Email us at or call 1-888-326-6531.

SmartOffice can be your auto attendant or your after-hours menu to complete the replacement of your in-house voicemail system and to be used in conjunction with Mobile Manager.  For the small-to-medium-sized office, SmartOffice can be programmed with up to 45 Mobile Managers.

For the larger offices, SmartOffice will accommodate up to 250 Mobile Managers.

OneCall handles both the set-up and any changes that are required.

To accomodate1-45 Mobile Managers:

$34.95                                                 Set-up $25.00

To accommodate 46-250 Mobile Managers:

$59.95                                                 Set-up $25.00

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