Mobile Manager - Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need Mobile Manager?

You need Mobile Manager to:

I already have a cell phone--why would I need this?

Do I have to change my number? (I have my cell phone number on my signs.)

How can Mobile Manager help me save on cell phone expenses?

How does the service work?

I'm already too busy! What if I don't want to be reached live?

How will this service simplify my life and work?

Why is it important to have the least amount of numbers on my business card?

Why should I pay for this service? (My voicemail is part of our company phone system.)

Do you have numbers in my area?

How do I know the service is proven? Convenient? Reliable?

Why would I want the same service that large corporations use?
How hard is it to get started?

I'm a Broker, how can this service help me? And, what do I need to make this work?

How does this service help my office with new privacy legislation?

  1. Increase Transactions

    When a customer or prospect FIRST calls you, they generally will call your office.  If you are not there the resulting response, “May I offer you voicemail?” is often the norm.  Callers who are part of your Sphere of Influence (SOI) will be happy to leave you voicemail. Callers outside your SOI more often than not will hang up and move on to another REALTOR®.  You have lost the opportunity, and will probably never know it.

    With Mobile Manager, a call coming into your office when you are not there, will result in, “One moment please while I connect you to their personal business line.”  The call comes to your Mobile Manager where the caller is given the choice to touch 0 to reach you or to stay on the line to leave a message.  This satisfies both your SOI caller and Non-SOI caller.  When the caller touches 0, the call is directed to any phone you choose, land-line or cell.

    64% of buyers and 68% of sellers contract with the first agent with whom they speak.

  2. Reduce Cell Usage

    Have your Mobile Manager directed to any landline you choose when you are near one (home, office, summer home).  Forward to a cell phone only when you are mobile.  This reduces cell phone usage substantially.

    Furthermore, by giving the caller the opportunity to leave a message rather than speak directly to you, you will lower your usage perhaps even as much as 50%.  AT&T states that callers would prefer to leave you a message more than half of the time.

  3. Electronic Faxing

    Mobile Manager offers the user both un-limited electronic faxing, both in-bound and outbound.  Receive faxes in your e-mail as a link (It opens as a PDF) and print them, forward them anywhere, and store them in a folder you establish on your own computer. (Transaction folder, for example).  Mobile Manager stores 256 faxes of any length for 90 days.

    Out-bound faxing allows users to fax documents directly from their computer.  Simply connect to the Internet, select a document and click print.  The selection of the fax upload print driver allows users to add a cover sheet, annotate a document, and add a pre-scanned signature prior to faxing it to any fax machine anywhere, and sending a copy to their own Mobile Manager.

  4. One Number Perfection

    Use your Mobile Manager number as your only contact number, and yet use any phone you wish to receive calls. When you are finished for the day, you can forward your Mobile Manager to voicemail with an appropriate “end of day greeting”, and still be able to receive calls from family and friends on any other phone you choose.  Imagine, separating your business life from your personal life!

Gain Control

  • Consolidate all your many numbers into one! Use your Mobile Manager as your only contact number.
  • Call forward your Mobile Manager number to any phone and receive calls live or let them go to Mobile Manager voicemail.
  • Receive faxes on your Mobile Manager and view them via Internet.
  • Receive instant notification via e-mail or cell phone text message the moment a new voice message or fax arrives.
  • Listen to voice messages from any touchtone phone, Internet, or from inside your e-mail.
  • Return calls with the touch of 2 keys.
  • Forward messages by e-mail to anyone or by phone to any subscriber.
  • Access and forward faxes as easily as you access messages.
  • Download and save voice messages and faxes to a transaction file on your computer.
  • Download transaction files to your ZIP drive to take to closings
  • Store/print out call histories.
  • Use built-in domestic long-distance calling at only 5¢ a minute.
  • And much more!

Why do I need Mobile Manager?
You need Mobile Manager because you are a busy mobile professional and you want control of your communications for both you and your customers.

With OneCall’s unified messaging service, Mobile Manager, you provide customers and family with the convenience of one number to reach you anywhere. With this private local or toll-free number you can:

I already have a cell phone--why would I need this?
Asking why you need Mobile Manager when you already have a cell phone is like asking why you would need cable when you already have a television set.  In short, you could get by with just cell, but you would miss out on an opportunity to move into the highest dimension of prompt, convenient, unified communication.

You might also look at Mobile Manager as an extreme upgrade to your cell phone, much as you would upgrade your computer software to take advantage of enhanced features that will make your life easier.
Ironically, Mobile Manager enhances your cell phone even as it cuts cell phone costs, in most cases.  And, Mobile Manager eliminates limitations inherent with cell phones:

  • AT&T says that 55% of callers just want to leave you a message.  Unlike a cell phone, Mobile Manager gives callers the chance to simply leave messages OR speak to someone live by touching 0.
  • Cell phone service is notorious for not delivering all voicemail messages as they arrive. With Mobile Manager, you receive calls live.  When your caller chooses to leave a voicemail message, those messages are always there waiting for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about batteries or power.  We recommend that you forward your Mobile Manager to a landline first, and to a cell phone only when there is no landline option.
  • Even if you now use your cell phone exclusively, you still likely have a home and office voicemail. Stop checking three voice mailboxes when you can check just your Mobile Manager for all messages.
  • The average capacity of a cell phone is 20 two-minute messages, kept for 21 days. Mobile Manager allows 85 minutes worth of messages stored for 60 days; each message’s length can be as long as five minutes.  You can download voicemail and faxes onto your own computer and keep them into perpetuity if you wish.
  • Mobile Manager is team-friendly. It allows you to forward calls, messages and faxes to any team member, anytime (especially when you want a day off).  Cell phones do not.
  • Mobile Manager accepts faxes; most cell phones do not.
  • Mobile Manager allows for interactive messaging; Cell phones do not.
  • Mobile Manager can increase transactions.
  • Mobile Manager can save you money.

Do I have to change my number?(I Have My Cell Phone On All My Signs and Business Cards.)
NO!  We can port your cell phone number (most numbers, in fact) to become your Mobile Manager number. After porting the number (let’s say it is a cell number we are porting), you would get a new cell phone number from your current carrier.  When anyone who has your old cell number calls it, they still can reach you, except now you have control because it is your Mobile Manager number.  You may forward that to any place you wish, receive faxes there, download voicemail and faxes to transaction files and much more. No one knows your new cell phone number so there is no need for you to get cell voicemail.  No one will ever call your cell phone directly any more.  If you want to take the number back one day, we will port it back to you.   

How can Mobile Manager help me save on cell phone expenses?
Here’s just one example of time/dollar savings—checking cell phone voicemail. Most people are charged time/dollars each time they check their cell voicemail.  With Mobile Manager, you’ll still enjoy the mobility of a cell phone, but will no longer have to rely on costly and fickle cell voicemail.  All urgent calls will come to you live, and all non-urgent calls go to Mobile Manager voicemail so you can wait until you reach a landline before collecting the messages you choose not to take live.  You’ll be able to downgrade your cell contract and save money.

How does the service work?
For a low monthly fee of $18.95, and a no-risk month-to-month contract, you’ll receive your own Mobile Manager number, many features to enhance and consolidate your varied communication technologies, and day/night customer support.

Give your number to everyone!  Your clients, colleagues, family, friends, will be able to reach you 24/7, provided you (a) choose to be available, and (b) forward that number to wherever you are.

We will program in all your phone numbers so that when you receive your Mobile Manager number, you can hit the ground running.  You will also receive an easy-to-use tutorial, a handy reference card for when you’re on the road, and full customer support. You manage your number and your account via telephone and computer.

I’m already too busy! What if I don’t want to be reached live?
You can choose to take the call, or not—an easy decision to make on the fly because you will be notified via Caller ID as to who is calling.  You can also program your Mobile Manager to go directly to voicemail whenever you choose.  You can even program the system to go automatically  to voicemail at any time of the day or night, such as at the end of your business day.

How will this service simplify my life and work?
The answers are many, but here are our favorites:

  • You finally have control  (operate your business as a true professional).
  • You never have to miss a call (increase transactions, eliminate phone-tag).
  • You only have to distribute one number (improve marketing materials, eliminate confusion).
  • Callers never again have to figure out where you are before placing a call (eliminate non calls).
  • Callers are given the option of simply leaving a message or reaching you live (eliminate interruptions)
  • You’ll organize your communications technologies like never before (increase free time).  And, because all calls that go to voicemail go into the same voicemail box, you will always know where your voice messages are, and can retrieve them from just one location, when you choose.  Having more than one voicemail box is not effective time management.

Why is it important to have the least amount of numbers on my business card?
Lots of reasons, but here are three good ones:

  1. Multiple numbers do not say “Look how easy I am to reach!” Instead, they say, “Look how hard you have to work to reach me.”
  2. Research suggests that most clients will not bother tackling a mountain of numbers when they can easily move on to the next card/service provider.  And, research says clients will move on because:
  3. In real estate, for example, 67% of buyers and 67% of sellers now contract with the first agent with whom they make contact.

Why should I pay for this service? (My voicemail is part of our company phone system.)
This is much more than old-technology voicemail.  Mobile Manager is unified messaging, bringing together your varied technologies.  By using Mobile Manager you will learn how to increase your transactions and lower your costs, likely more than enough to pay for the service.

Challenge us—it’s risk-free.

Do you have numbers in my area?
Probably, but we would verify that before you signed up. If we don’t now, chances are we will before long because we’re continually opening up new markets..

How do I know the service is proven? Convenient? Reliable?
Of course, the best way is to try the service yourself. However, if you’re looking to eliminate risk before signing on, then you can relax knowing that our service is powered by AccessLine Communications Corporation—a leader in hosted communications and managed voice services for Fortune 1000 companies and telecommunications partners. AccessLine customers include IBM, Sun Microsystems, American Express, and PeopleSoft. There are in excess of 7,000 REALTORS using this service in the New England area alone—where OneCall was founded—plus thousands elsewhere.

Why would I want the same service that large corporations use?
You don’t! That’s why we’ve enhanced the service and given it a different name, Mobile Manager, to specifically serve the real estate community.  However, you do want the same ingenuity, convenience, dependability, and customer support that those companies enjoy—you’ll receive those too.

How hard is it to get started?
Simply fill out an Order Form and fax it in. You can get a form from a OneCall representative, or you can click on the “How to Order” button above.

I’m a Broker, how can this service help me? And, what do I need to make this work?
There’s no equipment to buy!  Agents contract for the service office-wide!  What’s more, Mobile Manager:

  • Replaces in-house voicemail.
  • Allows interactive messaging.
  • Networks your offices with no capital expense.
  • Significantly lowers capital and operational costs.
  • Requires minimal administration by staff.
  • Promotes in-house sales of listings.
  • Unifies communication in 1 or 100 offices.
  • Provides full broadcast capability for voice and fax.
  • Simplifies communication between agents.

You’ll need basic telephone service features provided by your local dial tone provider (Flash-hook transfer, call forward-do not answer, call-forwarding variable, etc.). We help you with this.

How does this service help my office with new privacy legislation?
Regulations governing the relationships between real estate licensees and residential buyers are getting more stringent all the time.  You are being held to higher standards in practicing ‘designated Agency,’ file security, and protecting confidentiality.  With Mobile Manager, faxes and messages remain confidential because they go directly to the agent, not to a general office fax machine or to whomever answers the office phone.  What’s more, the agent can retrieve faxes and messages from anywhere the agent has access to a phone or Internet, and Mobile Manager accounts are password-protected.


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