Agents’ Advantage

Mobile Manager will actually turbo-charge your cell phone!
See for yourself – compare how two agents handle calls, faxes, more.

You buy unified communication, but what you get is complete control.

  • Gain total control of all calls & messages, both voice and electronic
  • Replace all contact numbers with a single number
  • Forward your calls to any phone
  • Re-direct your calls as often as you wish, or use an adjustable weekly scheduler that automatically directs calls according to a schedule you establish
  • Allow callers to reach you live using Find-Me-Follow-Me
  • Choose to take the call or not; all voicemail goes only to Mobile Manager
  • Therefore, just one place to find all voicemail
  • Receive faxes anywhere; keep them confidential
  • Forward faxes by e-mail to anyone
  • Fax documents to your Mobile Manager, then forward them by email to the client when fax machine is not available to the client
  • Forward voice messages by email to anyone
  • Conference call on-the-fly
  • Reduce cell phone usage, sometimes by more than 60%

Gain Control ~ Get Results

Without Mobile Manager, our communication devices tend to control us, making us reactive rather than proactive regarding when, where, how, and how often we communicate.  Unexpected calls come in—you react; urgent faxes need to be picked up—you react; cell phones drop calls—you react. 

You are continually rushing to keep up with time wasters that you cannot control.  This reactive pattern of communicating is the major cause of most agents’ time-management problems.

With Mobile Manager, you learn to be proactive, to take charge, to gain control.  Using Mobile Manager, you actively decide when and where to take calls (or not to take calls); you choose when and where you will receive, print and return faxes; you decide how to unify and organize your communication–voicemail, emails, faxes (videos and pictures too)–because Mobile Manager gives you many options.

In other words, you take the initiative and, in doing so, gain the control that will let you master your time.

What Happens When You Sign Up?

First, let’s review a few things that do not happen:

1. You do not stop using your cell phone (Mobile Manager turbo-charges it instead. Think of how cable improves the use of a TV set.) 
2. You do not commit to anything beyond a mere 30 days (Your contract is month by month). 
3. You do not have to give up your current number (We can port it to become your Mobile Manager number for you.) 
4. You do not have to suffer grueling training (Our user-friendly training site,, is available 24/7.)

We will contact you within 24 hours after we receive your order form. We will:

  • E-mail you a number and a QuickStart Training Document
  • Send a Welcome letter by snailmail along with a wallet-sized reference card
  • Make sure you have our 800 number for 7-day customer care
  • Make sure you are comfortable with our service

Then we want to hear about your success! Our customers have found very innovative ways to organize, streamline work, secure feedback, and more, using their Mobile Manager. So, once on board, feel free to message us and if we publish your story, we’ll send you $100 in congratulations! 

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