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Unified Communication - Because how well you communicate is remembered longer than what you communicate.

With OneCall’s Mobile Manager you get one extraordinarily powerful personal number for all your phones and all your communications. Distribute ONLY that number as your contact number (choose a local or toll-free number).

Mobile Manager Flow Chart
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  • Take calls live, screen them, or let them go to Mobile Manager voicemail
  • Check only one place for ALL voicemail
  • Receive message notification the moment you get a new voice message or fax
  • Listen to voice messages from ANY touchtone phone
  • Respond to your voice messages by touching 9*
  • Enjoy inter- or intra-company messaging and group messaging
  • Pick up voice messages in emails or in your online account
  • View a record of your calls and faxes in your online account
  • Forward messages via phone or email
  • View, print and/or forward faxes to any email or any fax machine
  • Receive faxes and view them when you have access to Internet
  • View faxes and listen to voicemil more easily on your smart phone
For ultimate mobility:
create transaction files, then download everything onto a flash drive: voicemail (.wav),
faxes (.tif or .pdf), and email


  • Reduce cell phone usage up to 60%
  • Increase transactions
  • Improve marketing by advertising ONE number
  • Eliminate phone tag and “time-wasters”
  • Check one place for voice messages
  • Month-by-month agreement; only $18.95/mo!

Download a flowchart to see how Mobile Manager works.

Please note: The chart could take a few moments to download and appear on your screen; the browser window might remain blank during this period.

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