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Mobile Messenger Features

Mobile Messenger

Mobile Manager

  • Check only one place for ALL voicemail

  • Receive message notification the moment you get a new voice message or fax

  • Listen to voice messages from ANY touchtone phone

  • Respond to your voice messages by touching 9*

  • Enjoy inter- or intra-company messaging and group messaging
  • Pick up voice messages in emails or in your online account

  • View a record of your calls and faxes in your online account

  • Forward messages via phone or email

  • View, print and/or forward faxes to any email or any fax machine

  • Receive faxes and view them when you have access to Internet

  • View faxes and listen to voicemil more easily on your smart phone


General Features
Feature Definition

Inbound Number of Pages per month


Total Fax Storage

256 faxes

Saved Faxes

90 Days

Local number

Your SpiderFaxPlus or SpiderFaxPro phone number will be local in any area AccessLine serves

Toll Free Number

Your SpiderFaxPlus or SpiderFaxPro phone number will be toll free

Never Busy Service

Receive up to 3 faxes at the same time

Features Available through the Web
Enter your Mobile Messenger phone number and PIN through a secure website and have access to the following features:
Feature Definition
View Fax

View stored faxes as PDF, JPG or TIFF

Save to PC

Save fax messages to your PC by downloading one or more

Forward to Fax Machine

Forward faxes to one or multiple fax machines

Forward Fax to Email

Forward Fax to any email address as a link or file attachment (PDF, JPG or TIFF)

Create Group List

Create and name lists of users to be included in fax distribution list


Delete faxes anytime while or after listening.

View Saved or New

Choose to view all new faxes or all saved faxes

Change PIN

Change your Personal Identification Number


Setup or change Notification settings including the email address of the computer and/or wireless device to receive notification.

Email link to new fax

Included in the body of the notification email is a link to the new fax.

Features Available through the PC
By downloading and installing the Mobile Messenger software on your Windows-based PC, you can send any document on your computer to any fax machine.
Feature Definition
Send from PC to fax machine Upload any document from your Windows-based computer to be sent to one or more fax machines.
Send from PC to fax mailbox Upload any document from your Windows-based PC to be sent to your fax mailbox to be managed like any received fax (view, print, send to fax machine, forward via email).
Fax Log View a log of all uploaded faxes
Fax Preview View your document as it would look once converted into a fax
Voicemail Manage your visual voicemail messages easily by listening, saving, forwarding or deleting as required, and in the order you choose.


Features Available to Caller
Callers dial the Mobile Messenger phone number just as they would with any traditional fax machine and send their fax. Mobile Messenger receives and stores the fax for you.
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